Boarding Requirements

We at Rosehill Pet Resort provide comfortable luxurious orthopedic beds, soft cuddle blankets and stainless steel food dishes for your pets stay. We do not permit beds or extra bedding from home, but bringing treats and a toy will make your loved one feel right at home.  

At Rosehill Pet Resort, we must have a current record of our required vaccinations, from a licensed veterinarian, prior to your pet’s arrival. Please understand that pets without current vaccinations will not be allowed to Board, Groom or participate in Daycare/Playday.


●Rabies: annually or 3-year, based on documentation by your veterinarian
●DHLPP: annually until age 3, every 3 years thereafter
●BV (Bordetella): semi-annually or annually accepted
●Canine Flu (H3N2) or (H3N8) vaccine annually
●Male dogs over 35 pounds and/or over 1 year old must be neutered


●Rabies: annually or 3-year, based on documentation by your veterinarian
●FVRCP (Respiratory-distemper): annually
●Feline Leukemia: annually

Rosehill Pet Resort respects your vets vaccination protocol and will accept approved titers from your vet.

Rosehill Pet Resort has a strict “No Flea” policy.  Any pet found with fleas will be charged $15 for a flea bath as well as a $25 cleaning expense fee.

We care about our guests and want them to feel right at home!


Do  Bring their food from home so there is less chance of getting an upset tummy.
Do  Bring a favorite toy and /or treat.


Don’t  Bring extra bedding or a bed from home bed (we provide luxury beds and blankets).
Don’t  Bring food or water bowls (we provide stainless steel bowls).
Don’t  Bring an abundance of toys/We don’t want your belongings to get lost while boarding with us.

(We DO charge $1.00 per feeding for use of our Kennel Food)

Your pets will enjoy all of the amenities and comforts of home in a safe, clean and healthy environment, complete with lots of Texas-Size love! Contact us for more information.