Day Camp

Dude Ranch Day Care

With convenient morning drop-off and evening pick-up, Dude Ranch Day Care provides your precious pet with an enjoyable, yet relaxing day of individualized care. Our Rosehill Ranch Hands will ensure one-on-one playtime, old fashioned belly rubs, Happy Trails nature walks, high-noon nap, romp-n-fetch and lots more fun, love and adventure for your buckaroo.

Round’em up Playday

A day full of fun with other doggie play pals, Round’em up Playday offers running on five acres, swimming in the pond, games of frisbee, fetch and chase. Many four-legged friends enjoy the socializing, exercise and just plain fun that a playday at Rosehill has to offer. Nap time and snack time are included in this action packed day. You also have a choice of full-days or half-days of play. *Temperament Tests are required for all new Playday members.

*Temperament Test
All pets participating in Playday activities with other dogs must undergo a one-time Temperament Test which evaluates their current socialization skills. If dogs are extremely fearful or show signs of aggression, then they are best suited for Dude Ranch Day Care which does not involve interaction with other dogs. Unfortunately, Day Camp does have a limited capacity.